How NVX Enables High-Impact Spaces and Experiences


  • AV Technology
  • Crestron

About This Webinar

Crestron’s NVX is an agnostic multilayer networked technology comprising video, audio, control, and USB. Yes, we said “agnostic.” Explore the AV over IP technology stack behind NVX and why it is the leading solution to enable high-impact spaces and experiences that drive customer and employee satisfaction and engagement.

Whether your employees are in the office full-time or you embrace flexible work, in the classroom, deploying technologies that enable and deliver the best possible experience is critical.

  1. Cindy Davis

    Host Cindy Davis Webinar Moderator & Content Director AV Technology

  2. Joel Mulpeter

    Featuring Joel Mulpeter Director, Product Marketing Crestron

  3. Josh Carlson

    Featuring Josh Carlson Senior Product Marketing Manager Crestron

  4. Kevin Dry

    Featuring Kevin Dry Group Product Manager, AV Solutions Crestron

  5. John Richards

    Featuring John Richards VP of Engineering AVI-SPL

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover why AVoIP has become the de facto standard for networked AV.
  2. Mitigating security risks and critical certifications.
  3. Explore how NVX overcomes common challenges and enables high-impact meeting rooms, classrooms, campuses, esports, government facilities, and more.
  4. Review ways AVI-SPL can help design your AV over IP solutions to deliver immersive experiences.