Why You Need a Tech-Forward Supply Chain Management Strategy


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  • Surgere

About This SmartPanel

The approach to traditional supply chain management is changing, fueled in large part by disruptive technologies, including AI and big data. Technology innovations are helping supply chain managers rethink everything from logistics, factory sourcing and control of manufacturing to foster supply chain agility.

This session will help attendees discover how tech can help future-proof operations from unexpected occurrences.

  1. Susan Rush

    Host Susan Rush Editor and Moderator SmartBrief

  2. Bill Wappler

    Featuring Bill Wappler Chief Executive Officer Surgere

What You'll Learn

  1. The importance of agile supply chain strategies
  2. How technology can mitigate risk
  3. Automation and the workforce
  4. How best to leverage data collection to set your supply chain up for success