NEW ERA AV/IT WEBINAR Defining New Workplace Collaboration: The Bigger IT and AV Picture


  • Barco
  • Yamaha
  • Ross Video

About This SmartPanel

Whether your company’s employees are in the office for two days a week or five, workplace collaboration tools have changed forever and for the better. Globally distributed workforces have increased, and the need to communicate with customers in an immediate and intimate environment is now an expectation.

This is no longer a discussion about the hybrid workplace. Even if employees are in the office full-time, meeting spaces of all sizes must be equipped to share and enable active collaboration on content. The ability to share and collaborate with remote participants should be a standard.

From IP-enabled devices such as cameras and audio to content-sharing platforms and displays, this panel of AV and IT industry experts discusses the infrastructure, hardware, and software that facilitates and enables successful collaboration environments.

  1. Cindy Davis

    Host Cindy Davis Webinar Moderator & Content Director AV Technology

  2. Dan Root

    Featuring Dan Root Head of Global Strategic Alliances Barco

  3. Daniel Kleman

    Featuring Daniel Kleman Field Systems Engineer Yamaha

  4. Matt Morgan

    Featuring Matt Morgan Business Development Manager, Corporate Ross Video

What You'll Learn

  1. We will discuss purpose-built collaboration spaces by use case.
  2. What are the AV elements that define a collaboration space?
  3. Who should be at the collaboration space planning table?
  4. Standardizing and interoperability of collaboration systems.
  5. We will address the security concerns of networked AV devices.