Ways to Increase Your Retail Tech Acumen


  • BigCommerce
  • enVista
  • Manhattan Associates

About This SmartPanel

Is technology the Holy Grail for retail? The right tech can boost customer experience with personalization and data. But, what technologies do retailers need to succeed? Is generative AI the answer? Augmented and virtual reality are also reshaping customer experiences by combining online and in-store capabilities.

This session will equip attendees with a clear understanding of how to harness the power of technology to maximize the retail experience in-store and online.

  1. Susan Rush

    Host Susan Rush Editor and Moderator SmartBrief

  2. Meghan Stabler

    Featuring Meghan Stabler SVP of Marketing BigCommerce

  3. Gene Bornac

    Featuring Gene Bornac SVP, Microsoft and Retail Technologies enVista

  4. Chris Shaw

    Featuring Chris Shaw Vice President of Solutions Marketing Manhattan Associates

What You'll Learn

  1. Ways tech advancements are shaping customer experience
  2. Where AI/ML fits into your tech stack
  3. How to stay on the cutting edge of ecommerce