NAB Show in Review


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About This SmartPanel

The NAB Show in Las Vegas unveiled cutting-edge technology trends shaping today's Media and Entertainment (M&E) landscape and providing insights into future developments.

With a pervasive presence of cloud technology and discussions revolving around AI, notably Generative AI in media, the event highlighted advancements enhancing professional workflows.

Noteworthy developments include solutions for high-resolution content (e.g., 4K and 8K Ultra HD), HDR for richer color depth, and immersive audio experiences. Additionally, improvements in SDI and IP protocols were evident, underscoring the continued relevance of on-prem operations alongside cloud integration for scalability.

These trends, among others, will be explored in this webinar, the latest episode of the TVTech series, offering comprehensive insights into the event's key takeaways.

  1. Phil Kurz

    Host Phil Kurz Editor and Moderator TV Technology

  2. Simon Hawkings

    Featuring Simon Hawkings Director of Sales Strategy and Business Acceleration Ross Video

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn The Latest Tech Trends To Emerge During The 2024 NAB Show
  2. Gain Fresh Perspective On How Today’s Tech Is Helping To Grow Content Monetization Opportunities
  3. Get A Clear View Of Where Generative AI Fits In Today’s Media Workflows
  4. Find Out How M&E Enterprises Are Harmonizing Baseband, IP and Cloud Into Cohesive Workflows
  5. Discover What Technology Will Likely Emerge Over The Next Year