MedTech Evolution or Revolution: From Hospital-at-Home to Care Anytime, Anywhere


  • S3 Connected Health
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About This Webinar

Connectivity is now a must-have requirement for medical devices, with MedTech companies embracing digital health initiatives to extend the value of their offering. The drivers for change are compelling: from addressing the needs of healthcare providers, easing the administrative burden, overcoming staff shortages, and reducing clinical burn-out, to the increasing cost of care, the rise of value-based care, the shift from acute to chronic diseases, and the transition of treatments outside of clinical settings.​

A gradual evolution to increased connectivity in devices within their current settings? Or a revolution to a fundamentally different business model with a transition to hospital-at-home and care for patients anytime, anywhere?"

One aspect that is certain, the challenges associated with digital health solutions/services require a different approach. From patient and clinician engagement, behavioral science, and condition management, to cybersecurity, interoperability/integration, and payments for digital health services.​

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Bill Betten

    Guest Speaker Bill Betten Director of Solutions: MedTech S3 Connected Health

  3. Dr. AJ Shah

    Guest Speaker Dr. AJ Shah Associate Director: Product Strategy & Innovation Abbott

  4. John Rondoni

    Guest Speaker John Rondoni Chief Technology Officer Inspire Medical Systems

What You'll Learn

  1. A look at the future: for the device, digital health solutions/services, and MedTech's value proposition
  2. Identification of the key reasons why digital health initiatives stop before they scale​
  3. Examples from industry-leading experts on solutions that address the new reality of connectivity, hospital-at-home, and care anytime, anywhere​