Special Webinar Event SmartPanel By SmartBrief Elements of a Successful Virtual Production Studio


  • AV Technology
  • Absen
  • Ross Video
  • Shure
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Learn about the critical elements for creating a virtual production studio for various corporate and higher education use cases.

Whether you're in charge of broadcasting a town hall, producing a virtual training series, or launching a new product marketing campaign for a small or global corporation, or maybe you're in charge of expanding a university's remote and online learning program or creating a new film studio for students--across the board, delivering a high-quality video and audio experience is critical. And the virtual studio has become the way to get there.

This panel of experts discusses the elements needed to create successful, high-quality virtual productions at a fraction of the cost of outside studios. We will also discuss which applications and budgets are best for an LED wall, green screen, or projection solution.

  1. Cindy Davis

    Host Cindy Davis Webinar Moderator & Content Director, AV Technology

  2. Niel Morrison

    Featuring Niel Morrison VP of Rental & Staging, Absen

  3. Matt Morgan

    Featuring Matt Morgan Business Development Manager, Corporate, Ross Video

  4. Ben Escobedo

    Featuring Ben Escobedo To Be Announced, Shure

What You'll Learn

  1. The LED video wall pitch. You might be surprised to learn that the finest pixel pitch is unnecessary.
  2. When a green screen production might be the right choice for your application
  3. The virtual production workflow
  4. Audio is equally essential to the video. How to ensure the best quality.
  5. Incorporating augmented reality