Special Webinar Event Enabling Human Connections in the Modern Workplace

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  • AV Technology
  • Poly
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About This Webinar

As we continue to shape the new work paradigm, IT and AV teams must design meeting spaces that deliver a human experience for today's modern workers, add value to the office, and address different modalities. Fortunately, in the last few years, videoconferencing and management solutions have advanced by lightyears, enabling easy integration, use, and management and now providing actionable data.

This panel of experts will discuss the complete modern workplace ecosystem. Learn how AI has become an integral component from person tracking, audio and video adjustments, troubleshooting, and providing data to make informed decisions. And just when you thought that sustainability was only a green packaging message, think again. Sustainability is a strategic imperative that has become part of corporate governance at many Fortune 500 companies. It can help your organization meet requirements and run more efficiently by reducing power consumption, downtime, and more.

Learn how three workplace powerhouses, HP, Poly, and AVI-SPL are aligned and ready to meet your employee experience goals. It means the modern workplace ecosystem is optimal and seamless.

  1. Cindy Davis

    Host Cindy Davis Webinar Moderator & Content Director, AV Technology

  2. Laurie Berg

    Featuring Laurie Berg Vice President, Symphony Product Development, AVI-SPL

  3. Joe Mukherjee

    Featuring Joe Mukherjee Director Pre-Sales Technical Consultants, Poly

Why You Should Join

  1. Gain valuable insights from an in-depth workplace study conducted by HP. This study illuminates key aspects such as the return to office, worker preferences, and collaboration technology platforms.
  2. Equalizing the modern workplace, no matter the location.
  3. Creating a frictionless experience and ensuring maximum uptime.
  4. How AI is used for Tier I predictive troubleshooting.
  5. Learn how AI is becoming an integral component in conferencing solutions.