Special Webinar Event Creating a Responsible AI Policy: Top Ten Things to Know


  • Tech & Learning
  • Merlyn Mind
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About This Webinar

For school and district leaders facing the task of creating a responsible AI policy, understanding of the different types of AI and domain-specificity matters.

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll explore ten critical aspects essential for creating a responsible AI policy. The session will cover key areas such as data privacy, safety, and security; educator training and support; student well-being; and strategies for rolling out an AI policy within a school district.

You’ll gain high-level insights into each of these crucial domains, and walk away feeling empowered to develop and implement effective AI policies that prioritize responsibility and ethics.

  1. Christine Weiser

    Host Christine Weiser Content Director, Tech & Learning

  2. Leigh Hall

    Featuring Leigh Hall Director of Research, Merlyn Mind

Why You Should Join

  1. Gain High-level Insights into Key Areas of AI: Gain insights into the different types of AI and the importance of domain-specificity in creating responsible AI policies for educational settings.
  2. Enhance Understanding of Key Policy Areas: Learn about essential aspects such as data privacy, safety and security, educator training and support, and student well-being, ensuring a holistic approach to AI policy development.
  3. Develop Practical Strategies: Discover effective strategies for rolling out AI policies within a school district, empowering you to lead your institution with confidence and ethical responsibility.